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From the pursuit of individuality in style, remarkable additions are created, made with love and passion in a family atmosphere. People and their passions inspire us. We strive to make every product our person's personalized showcase.

Tailoring traditions present in our family for years have made the opening of a company that reflects our passions a formality. Fashion, tailoring and design topics have been an integral part of our lives forever. In a small sewing workshop, we create every product with the highest quality materials and attention to detail. We sew our articles individually for each ordering person. We are happy to make personalized orders, searching for our clients' dream materials.

Our flies, panniers, ties, and chimneys are characterized by an interesting and unique design, which will allow you to discreetly reflect the passion and personality of the wearer even in formal stylizations. We also have a wide range of classic products for important occasions and for those who appreciate timeless classics.

The studio in which we create products is located in the center of Tychy at the AZET shopping center. We invite anyone who would like to see the process of creating products, seek advice on sewing or men's style, see our choice or just get to know us.

Hisoutfit is above all people with passion who do what they love, that's why everybody puts a bit of himself into the process of creating a product:

Halina - the owner of a tailor's workshop, can tell for hours about her passion. Its priority is customer satisfaction, which is why it receives all the phones and tries to meet even the most difficult orders. He makes sure that everyone leaving the studio is impeccably made, professionally tied and hit the right hands.

Kamila-seamstress with many years of experience. Always smiling, though very busy. He is happy to help you choose the right fly or tie.

Ula- equally busy seamstress. It makes sure that all products are ready on time. Expert in the field of anti-smog masks.

Ania - internet is her plot. The availability of products, the appearance of the store, taking orders and payments is her plot. 

Olgierd - a bit like a boss, or the head of the family, it binds and coordinates work. He cares about the good and brand image. Organizes trips to the fair, executes large orders.